The duration of a drug prescription will depend on the condition being treated. Acute infections may require treatment for 3 to 14 days while long-term health conditions, like diabetes or hypertension, will require indefinite treatment. Long term medicines are usually written for a 30 day supply with 6 refills. If you have a mail order drug plan, we may need to write a separate prescription for a 90 day supply with refills.

Medication Renewals

  • Please plan ahead – ask for refills when you visit your provider.
  • Call your pharmacy to request a refill. They will contact us.
  • Allow 48 business hours for refills to be processed.
  • If you have not seen your provider in the past 6 months, please make an office appointment to discuss the refill.
  • Be aware that some prescriptions and insurance forms will require an office appointment.
  • We do not refill narcotics or tranquilizers after hours.
  • Patients requesting refills need to speak with a receptionist or fax in their requests to 703-370-7214.

Faxing your request to 703-370-7214

If you are faxing in your request, please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Home/Work Phone Number
  • Prescription you want refilled
  • Amount requested
  • Strength/Dosage
  • Pharmacy phone number